Bite Guards

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Teeth Grinding Issues & Symptoms

Bite guards can alleviate symptoms caused by teeth grinding and can protect teeth from injury during participation in contact sports. Ask for a consultation with the Dinka Dental staff to determine the right bite guard for your situation.

Teeth grinding due to stress or an inability to relax jaw muscles is a common problem at night and sometimes during the day for many patients. Teeth grinding can lead to wear of tooth enamel, cracked teeth and chronic headaches. A bite guard that fits over the front teeth to keep the back teeth from touching makes it easier for a patient to relax jaw muscles and prevents the physical damage caused by grinding.

Contact sports such as football and hockey require the use of mouth guards to protect teeth, jaws and facial muscles from injury. You should consider using a mouth guard any time you engage in rigorous activities that could result in facial injuries, such as running or mountain biking, even if they are not generally considered contact sports.

You can buy inexpensive mouth guards at your local sporting goods store or pharmacy, but they may not provide the level of protection or symptom relief that you need. They are difficult to fit correctly and can interfere with speech and obstruct breathing.

Dinka Dental can prescribe custom bite guards for your individual situation. We custom fit night guards and splints to alleviate teeth grinding. We can fit special bite guards for use with braces and other orthodontic appliances. Our custom bite guards are comfortable to wear and do not restrict breathing or keep you from speaking.