Dentures & Partials
tooth loss



Do you have several missing teeth or dental conditions that may lead to extensive tooth loss? Dentures, or “false teeth,” maybe what you need to keep your existing teeth in place, maintain your facial structure and make you feel good about your appearance. The staff at Dinka Dental can help you with denture selection and fitting and with emergency and permanent denture repairs.

There are several types of dentures that are appropriate for different situations, depending upon how many teeth you have missing, the positions of missing teeth, and your budget for investments in your oral health. Partial dentures are made to fill the gap when you have several missing teeth in close proximity to each other. Complete top or bottom dentures are required if all of the teeth are missing from your maxillary or mandibular dental arches. Dentures are usually held in place by suction to the tissues inside your mouth. It is easier to keep top dentures in place than bottom dentures, due to the action of your tongue as well as the less pronounced structural features of your lower jaw. It is advantageous to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible, especially in the lower jaw, to help keep dentures from slipping. In some cases, it becomes necessary to place dental implants into the jaw in order to anchor a denture in place. A well-fitting denture will allow you to chew and speak without worrying about your teeth slipping. You can rely on Dinka Dental to help you with your dentures, from initial fitting and design to future adjustments and repairs. Our practice is eco-friendly and our staff is fully trained to provide you with comfortable and effective dental care. Call us today to schedule a complete consultation.


While a full denture replaces all missing teeth, a partial denture is a prosthesis with artificial teeth for patients who are only missing a few teeth, rather than all of their top or bottom teeth. The artificial teeth are set in a metal or natural-looking soft plastic framework that attaches to adjacent natural teeth for secure placement in your mouth. Most dentures and partials are intended for daytime use and are easily removable so you do not have to wear them at night. Dentures and partials are custom-made in a dental lab based on impressions and color comparisons that we make in our office. The final product will blend in with your remaining natural teeth so that casual observers will not know that you are wearing a denture. Dentures require proper care and cleaning to get the best and longest use out of them. It is natural for your bone and gum ridges to recede in the years following tooth loss, so you should expect to need periodic adjustments to your partial to maintain a proper fit. Partial dentures are an excellent way to minimize the embarrassment and discomfort of missing teeth. We will work with you to design a partial that satisfies your expectations for appearance and that allows you to once again enjoy all of the foods you love.

The staff at Dinka Dental has extensive experience with fitting and maintaining dentures and partials for patients with missing teeth. Call us for a complete consultation. We will evaluate your overall oral health and recommend the best approaches to repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth and for saving the healthy teeth you still have.