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Tooth Extractions

Having a tooth pulled can be a scary thing, but sometimes it is necessary. Fortunately for you, the staff here at Dinka Dental has been working with patients like you for over 26 years. We will evaluate your situation to determine if tooth extractions are necessary, but our first priority is finding ways to save your natural teeth.

Your adult teeth are intended to serve you for your entire lifetime, but sometimes tooth extractions cannot be avoided. Here are a few situations that might lead to having one or more teeth pulled:


Sports injuries, car crashes and simple household accidents are common causes of tooth trauma that may require tooth extractions. If you think you have injured your teeth, call us for same-day emergency treatment. We may be able to minimize the damage and save injured teeth if you act quickly.


Sometimes it is necessary to pull teeth in advance of orthodontic work in order to make room in your mouth for your remaining teeth to be straight and properly spaced.

Impacted teeth. Teeth that cannot move into their correct position due to crowding or other factors may need to be removed. It is common for wisdom teeth to be impacted and require extraction to avoid mouth discomfort and potential damage to facial nerves or adjacent teeth.


Advanced tooth decay can lead to infections in the nerves in the root canals. Sometimes a tooth can be saved with a root canal procedure, but if this does not cure the infection, tooth extraction may be necessary to avoid having the infection spread into the surrounding bones and soft tissues.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease that is not treated can advance to a stage that makes tooth extractions necessary. Regular flossing and professional dental cleaning can prevent most gum disease from advancing to that point.

Many of our patients are apprehensive about the potential pain involved in tooth extractions. We never proceed with pulling a tooth until we are sure that your jaw and mouth around the tooth are completely anesthetized. We also have nitrous oxide, which you may know as “laughing gas,” available to help relieve stress so you can relax during the tooth extraction.