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Gaps & Misaligned Teeth

Orthodontic work in children as well as adults can make the difference between good dental health accompanied by a beautiful smile and a lifetime of embarrassment and potential health problems caused by misaligned teeth. Fortunately, many dental patients can benefit from limited orthodontics that do not require the high cost and long years of treatment that come with a full set of braces.

Some of the conditions that limited orthodontic treatments can address are:

  • Teeth and bones that have been misaligned or damaged due to excessive thumb sucking can be realigned after the habit is broken so that emerging permanent teeth are aligned properly in a healthy bone structure.
  • Gaps between front teeth or crowding of front teeth can be corrected with partial braces and retainers.
  • For adult patients, removable appliances or retainers can realign teeth that have drifted out of alignment in the years since childhood braces were removed.
  • Teeth surrounding the space where a tooth is missing can be straightened and spread apart to make room before a bridge or dental implant is put into the open space.

Our staff is experienced in all aspects of limited orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. You can rely on us to provide you or your child with comfortable treatment leading to a beautiful, healthy smile at a cost you can afford.

Orthodontic problems involving only a few teeth or a small area of the mouth can often be corrected with limited orthodontic treatments using removable oral appliances and partial braces. The experienced staff here at Dinka Dental will be happy to provide a complete consultation with you to see if limited orthodontics are right for your or your child.