Root Canals

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Root Canal Procedures

“Root canal” is probably the phrase that patients fear hearing more than any other when they think of visiting their dentist. However, the reality of root canal procedures is far less dreadful and far more positive than most patients understand. If done correctly under local anesthesia, root canal work usually causes no more discomfort than other dental procedures such as extractions or preparing teeth for crowns.

If you have pain in a tooth that lasts for more than a day or two you should schedule an appointment with us to find out what is going on with it. Tooth pain is often caused by cracks or damaged fillings, but it can also be a symptom of an infection in the pulp inside the root canals that house the dental nerve. We will use X-rays and other diagnostic techniques to determine what is causing your tooth pain and then plan a course of treatment for it.

Many times, tooth pain can be eliminated by replacing fillings or by replacing the top part of the tooth with a ceramic crown. In some cases, damage to the nerve or an infection in the pulp can best be remedied with a root canal procedure. A root canal procedure will not only stop the pain, but it will also prevent the spread of the infection into the bones and soft tissues holding the tooth in place. Root canal work is preferable to tooth extraction followed by a dental implant since the original tooth structure is saved.

Root canal work involves cleaning the nerve and pulp out of the canals that extend into the tooth’s root that anchor it into the bone. Once the roots are cleaned out, the hole in the tooth will be filled in and topped with a filling or a crown. After a few days of recovery, you will be able to chew normally and will be unaware that the tooth was ever damaged.

Call us at Dinka Dental for a complete consultation. Be assured that your comfort is one of our top priorities. We offer same-day emergency service. If you are concerned about pain or your level of stress during dental procedures, we offer nitrous oxide to help you relax until the work is finished.