Tooth Whitening

Whitening Services

If you are embarrassed by tooth staining caused by the foods you eat, smoking or just normal aging, call us at Dinka Dental for a complete consultation before you decide on a tooth whitening strategy. You can try inexpensive over-the-counter whitening products, but there are many reasons to take advantage of our expertise.

Our initial consultation will include a complete evaluation of your overall health and oral health so we can help you choose the right whitening strategy for your teeth. We offer custom-fit take-home whitening kits that you will use under our supervision as well as in-office treatments for quicker and more dramatic results.

Here are a few reasons to choose our professional tooth whitening procedures over cheaper over-the-counter options:

  • During our consultation, we will choose the most appropriate tooth whitening approach for you. Dark brown stains, teeth discolored by antibiotics, and teeth with natural-color fillings or other treatments might respond better to whitening procedures that do not involve the use of the bleach normally used in over-the-counter whitening products.
  • Our take-home kits include mouthpiece trays for holding the whitening chemicals that are made using custom impressions of your teeth. These trays provide more complete contact between your teeth and the whiteners while giving a better seal to protect your gums than one-size-fits-all commercial kits give you.
  • Our in-office tooth whitening process uses stronger whiteners than you will find in use-at-home products, so you will see quicker and more dramatic whitening, usually with just one or two treatments.
  • We use protective gels or rubber shields in our in-office whitening to keep the bleach away from your gums and oral cavities. Over-the-counter products do not offer such protection, so you are more likely to get sore gums or mouth tissues while using them.
  • Dinka Dental prescribes a protective fluoride product to help minimize any potential tooth or gum sensitivity.

You can rely on Dinka Dental to help you make the best tooth whitening choices. We use eco-friendly procedures and make your comfort and satisfaction our highest priority.